Commit d9d7f754 authored by Matthieu Tanon's avatar Matthieu Tanon
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Catch exception when lime user does not exist during ZRTP call

parent 90c07846
......@@ -1672,7 +1672,12 @@ void MediaSessionPrivate::setupLimeIdentityKey (SalMediaDescription *md) {
limeV2Engine = static_cast<LimeV2*>(q->getCore()->getEncryptionEngine());
limeV2Engine->getLimeManager()->get_selfIdentityKey(localDeviceId, Ik);
try {
limeV2Engine->getLimeManager()->get_selfIdentityKey(localDeviceId, Ik);
} catch (const exception &e) {
lError() << e.what() << " while setting up Ik for ZRTP auxiliary shared secret";
if (Ik.empty()) {
lWarning() << "No identity key available, unable to send lime identity key for ZRTP auxiliary shared secret";
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