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Fix documentation for automatic wrapper generation.

parent 94d0b2dc
......@@ -1359,7 +1359,7 @@ LINPHONE_PUBLIC int linphone_chat_room_get_history_size(LinphoneChatRoom *cr);
* @param[in] cr The #LinphoneChatRoom object corresponding to the conversation for which messages should be retrieved
* @param[in] begin The first message of the range to be retrieved. History most recent message has index 0.
* @param[in] end The last message of the range to be retrieved. History oldest message has index of history size - 1 (use #linphone_chat_room_get_history_size to retrieve history size)
* @return the list of messages in the given range, or NULL if nothing has been found.
* @return \mslist{LinphoneChatMessage}
LINPHONE_PUBLIC MSList *linphone_chat_room_get_history_range(LinphoneChatRoom *cr, int begin, int end);
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