Commit dba1a8f0 authored by Julien Wadel's avatar Julien Wadel
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Revert modifications on vcard fix

parent 60eff70b
......@@ -1475,13 +1475,7 @@ static int create_friend(void *data, int argc, char **argv, char **colName) {
LinphoneVcard *vcard = NULL;
unsigned int storage_id = (unsigned int)atoi(argv[0]);
//sqlite3_exec return a Locale string and Belcard need to be in UTF8 for parsing
if (argv[6]) {
string localeBuffer(argv[6]);
string utf8Buffer = LinphonePrivate::Utils::localeToUtf8(localeBuffer);
vcard = linphone_vcard_context_get_vcard_from_buffer(context, utf8Buffer.c_str());
vcard = linphone_vcard_context_get_vcard_from_buffer(context, argv[6]);
if (vcard) {
linphone_vcard_set_etag(vcard, argv[7]);
linphone_vcard_set_url(vcard, argv[8]);
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