Quality reporting: do not publish report if we hung up too early (empty local IP address)

parent 2551648d
......@@ -232,8 +232,15 @@ static void reporting_publish(const LinphoneCall* call, const reporting_session_
size_t size = 2048;
char * buffer;
buffer = (char *) ms_malloc(size);
// if the call was hungup too early, we might have invalid IPs information
// in that case, we abort the report since it's not useful data
if (strlen(report->info.local_addr.ip) == 0 || strlen(report->info.remote_addr.ip) == 0) {
ms_warning("The call was hang up too early (duration: %d sec) and IP could "
"not be retrieved so dropping this report", linphone_call_get_duration(call));
buffer = (char *) ms_malloc(size);
content.type = ms_strdup("application");
content.subtype = ms_strdup("vq-rtcpxr");
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