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......@@ -103,9 +103,6 @@ The next pieces need to be compiled manually.
make CCFLAGS="$CFLAGS -c -O2 -DNeedFunctionPrototypes=1"
sudo make install INSTALL_ROOT=/opt/local GSM_INSTALL_INC=/opt/local/include
* (Optional) libvpx-1.2 has a bug on MacOS resulting in ugly video. It is recommended to upgrade it manually to 1.3 from source.
The libvpx build isn't able to produce dual architecture files. To workaround this, configure libvpx twice and use lipo to create a dual architecture `libvpx.a`.
* (Optional, proprietary extension only) Compile and install the tunnel library
If you got the source code from git, run `./` first.
Then or otherwise, do:
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