Commit e8e21aed authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩
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Fixed storage issue for file transfers sent through a secured but unsafe room

parent 9320f15e
......@@ -158,7 +158,8 @@ void ChatMessagePrivate::setState (ChatMessage::State newState) {
linphone_chat_message_cbs_get_msg_state_changed(cbs)(msg, (LinphoneChatMessageState)state);
// 3. Specific case, change to displayed after transfer.
if (state == ChatMessage::State::FileTransferDone && q->getDirection() == ChatMessage::Direction::Incoming) {
// TODO: Check if there is other file still not downloaded. If not, set state to display
if (state == ChatMessage::State::FileTransferDone && direction == ChatMessage::Direction::Incoming) {
......@@ -774,10 +775,10 @@ void ChatMessagePrivate::send () {
ChatMessageModifier::Result result = ecmm.encode(q->getSharedFromThis(), errorCode);
if (result == ChatMessageModifier::Result::Error) {
sal_error_info_set((SalErrorInfo *)op->getErrorInfo(), SalReasonNotAcceptable, "SIP", errorCode, "Unable to encrypt IM", nullptr);
// Remove current step so we go through all modifiers if message is re-sent
currentSendStep = ChatMessagePrivate::Step::None;
setState(ChatMessage::State::NotDelivered); // Do it after the restore to have the correct message in db
} else if (result == ChatMessageModifier::Result::Suspended) {
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