Commit e9a88353 authored by Benjamin REIS's avatar Benjamin REIS
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fix mark as read on basic chat room

parent 0f006ab1
......@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ bool ChatRoomPrivate::sendDisplayNotification (const shared_ptr<ChatMessage> &me
LinphoneImNotifPolicy *policy = linphone_core_get_im_notif_policy(q->getCore()->getCCore());
if (linphone_im_notif_policy_get_send_imdn_displayed(policy)) {
return true;
return imdnHandler->aggregationEnabled();
return false;
......@@ -69,13 +69,14 @@ public:
void onGlobalStateChanged (LinphoneGlobalState state) override;
void onNetworkReachable (bool sipNetworkReachable, bool mediaNetworkReachable) override;
bool aggregationEnabled () const;
static std::string createXml (const std::string &id, time_t time, Imdn::Type imdnType, LinphoneReason reason);
static void parse (const std::shared_ptr<ChatMessage> &chatMessage);
static int timerExpired (void *data, unsigned int revents);
bool aggregationEnabled () const;
void send ();
void startTimer ();
void stopTimer ();
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