Commit f2fe6b76 authored by trevora's avatar trevora Committed by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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Hold file loops for paused calls.

Sets the amount of time to pause before replaying the hold music file.
parent 28b029c9
......@@ -3479,6 +3479,8 @@ void linphone_call_start_media_streams(LinphoneCall *call, LinphoneCallState nex
if (call->onhold_file && !call->params->in_conference && call->audiostream){
MSFilter *player = audio_stream_open_remote_play(call->audiostream, call->onhold_file);
if (player){
int pause_time=500;
ms_filter_call_method(player, MS_PLAYER_SET_LOOP, &pause_time);
ms_filter_call_method_noarg(player, MS_PLAYER_START);
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