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fix 96f65a4b

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......@@ -578,17 +578,20 @@ static void fillFileTransferContentInformationsFromVndGsmaRcsFtHttpXml (FileTran
fileUrl = xmlGetProp(cur, (const xmlChar *)"url");
if (!xmlStrcmp(cur->name, (const xmlChar *)"file-key")) {
// there is a key in the msg: file has been encrypted
// convert the key from base 64
// There is a key in the msg: file has been encrypted.
// Convert the key from base 64.
xmlChar *keyb64 = xmlNodeListGetString(xmlMessageBody, cur->xmlChildrenNode, 1);
size_t keyb64Length = strlen(reinterpret_cast<char *>(keyb64));
size_t keyLength;
bctbx_base64_decode(NULL, &keyLength, (unsigned char *)keyb64, strlen((const char *)keyb64));
uint8_t *keyBuffer = (uint8_t *)malloc(keyLength + 1);
// decode the key into local key buffer
bctbx_base64_decode(keyBuffer, &keyLength, (unsigned char *)keyb64, strlen((const char *)keyb64));
+ keyBuffer[keyLength] = '\0';
fileTransferContent->setFileKey((const char *)keyBuffer, keyLength);
// duplicate key value into the linphone content private structure
bctbx_base64_decode(nullptr, &keyLength, keyb64, keyb64Length);
uint8_t *keyBuffer = static_cast<uint8_t *>(malloc(keyLength + 1));
// Decode the key into local key buffer.
bctbx_base64_decode(keyBuffer, &keyLength, keyb64, keyb64Length);
keyBuffer[keyLength] = '\0';
fileTransferContent->setFileKey(reinterpret_cast<char *>(keyBuffer), keyLength);
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