Commit f8f93521 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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again fixes for macos x (leopard this time)

parent 367013ab
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ You need:
$ port install automake autoconf libtool intltool
- Install some linphone dependencies with macports
$ port install speex-dev
$ port install speex
$ port install osip2
$ port install eXosip2
$ port install ffmpeg-devel
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ When this version will be integrated into macports, only this will be necessary:
$ port install sdl-devel
- Install gtk. It is recommended to use the quartz backend for better integration.
$ port install gtk2 +no_x11
$ port install gtk2 +quartz +no_x11
$ port install ige-mac-integration
$ port install hicolor-icon-theme
......@@ -83,6 +83,10 @@
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