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Simon MORLAT (simon dot morlat at linphone dot org) wrotes:
- main graphical program (gnome)
- RTP library (oRTP)
- SIP user-agent library (osipua)
- audio library (mediastreamer), for codec and i/o handling.
- sipomatic, the automatic sip replier, which is often used for testing.
Main authors:
Florian Wintertein < f-win at gmx dot net > wrotes the console version of linphone (linphonec)
in console/ directory.
Belledonne Communications SARL team:
Simon Morlat, Jehan Monnier, Guillaume Beraudo
Aymeric Moizard (jack at atosc dot org) wrotes:
- the oSIP SIP transactionnal stack (not part of linphone)
- some piece of code of the osip distribution have been reused in osipua
- presence information support in osipua
- and contributes to some parts of osipua (digest authentification)
For more information about oSIP, see
Sharath Udupa is developing the media_api, a usefull library to manage audio and video streams
for basic calls as well as conference.
Florian Wintertein < f-win at gmx dot net > originaly wrotes the console version of linphone (linphonec)
in console/ directory.
Sandro Santilli < strk at keybit dot net > wrote enhancements in the
console interface (readline, new commands) and some bug fixes for
the core api.
Bryan Ogawa ( bko at cisco dot com ) sent a patch that made the linphone-0.7.1 release.
This patch fixed several issues in the SIP part while working with proxies.
Koichi KUNITAKE < kunitake at linux-ipv6 dot org > has contributed a patch bringing
full IPv6 support.
The Speex codec is a project from Jean Marc Valin. See for more
The GSM library was written by :
Jutta Degener and Carsten Bormann,Technische Universitaet Berlin.
The LPC10-1.5 library was written by:
Andy Fingerhut
Applied Research Laboratory <-- this line is optional if
Washington University, Campus Box 1045/Bryan 509 you have limited space
One Brookings Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63130-4899
See text files in gsmlib and lpc10-1.5 directories for further information.
G711 library has some code from the alsa-lib on
Icons by Pablo Marcelo Moia.
console interface (readline, new commands).
fr: Simon Morlat
en: Simon Morlat and Delphine Perreau
it: Alberto Zanoni <alberto.zanoni@-NO-SPAM-PLEASE!>
de: Jean-Jacques Sarton <>
es: Jesús Benítez <gnelson at inMail dot sk>
linphone-3.4.0 -- XXXXX
linphone-3.4.0 -- February 2nd, 2011
* implement multiple calls feature:
- call hold (with possibility to play a music file)
- call resume
mediastreamer2 @ 5aab07bf
Subproject commit ebd7ad9376237324b3f8fe7a78d1e3178069adfd
Subproject commit 5aab07bfaac18302a6af3b38fa7c62d466794941
oRTP @ 6a26fdcb
Subproject commit c8b487f32fe225f8b1961754db9140eb282a0d28
Subproject commit 6a26fdcbe2e19bad50f4c010bdd173810140ada8
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