Commit fa88321a authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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Fix crash in ServerGroupChatRoom because of double unref()

parent 24753696
......@@ -178,6 +178,7 @@ private:
int unnotifiedRegistrationSubscriptions = 0; /*count of not-yet notified registration subscriptions*/
std::shared_ptr<ParticipantDevice> mInitiatorDevice; /*pointer to the ParticipantDevice that is creating the chat room*/
bool joiningPendingAfterCreation = false;
bool needsUnref = false;
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::queue<std::shared_ptr<Message>>> queuedMessages;
Utils::Version protocolVersion;
......@@ -195,15 +195,25 @@ void ServerGroupChatRoomPrivate::requestDeletion(){
shared_ptr<ChatRoom> chatRoom(q->getSharedFromThis()); // Take a shared_ptr here, because onChatRoomDeleteRequested() may destroy our chatroom otherwise.
* The LinphoneChatRoom (C object) is also built when the ServerGroupChatRoom is created, which is unnecessary here, but
* this is consistent with other kind of chatrooms.
* The LinphoneChatRoom (C object) is also built when the ServerGroupChatRoom is created upon receiving an INVITE. The "wrap mode" is set to external
* in this case. Not really a good choice.
* However, when the chatroom is created while loading data from mysql database, the C object is not created and then the "wrap mode" will be set to
* internal.
* The best solution would have been to change the creation of server group chat room when receiving an INVITE.
* To minimize risks, I prefer to create a dirty hack here. The C wrapping will be moved to HybridObject soon, with which no "external" or "internal"
* concepts exists (because we don't care about it). So that explicit unref() shall be removed after moving to HybridObject<>.
* The destruction is defered to next main loop iteration, in order to make the self-destruction outside of the call stack that leaded to it.
* TODO: remove this after switching chatrooms to HybridObject.
if (needsUnref){
LinphoneChatRoom * cChatRoom = L_GET_C_BACK_PTR(chatRoom);
if (cChatRoom) linphone_chat_room_unref(cChatRoom);
/* If the chatroom was created as "external" mode, explicitely unref the C object to destroy it.*/
if (cChatRoom){
......@@ -1197,6 +1207,13 @@ ServerGroupChatRoom::ServerGroupChatRoom (const shared_ptr<Core> &core, SalCallO
shared_ptr<CallSession> session = getMe()->createSession(*getConference().get(), nullptr, false, d);
session->configure(LinphoneCallIncoming, nullptr, op, Address(op->getFrom()), Address(op->getTo()));
d->protocolVersion = CorePrivate::groupChatProtocolVersion;
* HACK: see comment in ServerGroupChatRoomPrivate::requestDeletion() for details.
* When this constructor is used, a reference to the C object is given to the core.
* Thus, remember that it will have to be released.
d->needsUnref = true;
ServerGroupChatRoom::ServerGroupChatRoom (
......@@ -32,10 +32,8 @@ class ServerGroupChatRoomPrivate;
class ServerGroupChatRoom : public ChatRoom , public ConferenceListener {
// TODO: Make me private!
ServerGroupChatRoom (const std::shared_ptr<Core> &core, SalCallOp *op);
// TODO: Same idea.
ServerGroupChatRoom (
const std::shared_ptr<Core> &core,
const ConferenceAddress &peerAddress,
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