Commit fbc08fa1 authored by jehan's avatar jehan
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update ortp

parent 2a455a5f
...@@ -2325,7 +2325,7 @@ void linphone_call_init_audio_stream(LinphoneCall *call){ ...@@ -2325,7 +2325,7 @@ void linphone_call_init_audio_stream(LinphoneCall *call){
AudioStream *audiostream; AudioStream *audiostream;
const char *location; const char *location;
int dscp; int dscp;
const char rtcp_tool=linphone_core_get_user_agent(call->core); const char *rtcp_tool=linphone_core_get_user_agent(call->core);
char* cname; char* cname;
if (call->audiostream != NULL) return; if (call->audiostream != NULL) return;
oRTP @ d51e5aa8
Subproject commit 761cfd7c0eb76359b0dabeffd6533071b41a2914 Subproject commit d51e5aa8c24a8dd9e3a7bd9995a9f6fb070bda06
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