Commit fca2fd2e authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan
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fix(account_creator): remove useless vars

parent 60c72c84
......@@ -115,21 +115,11 @@ LinphoneProxyConfig * linphone_account_creator_create_proxy_config(const Linphon
LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg = linphone_core_create_proxy_config(creator->core);
char *identity_str = _get_identity(creator);
LinphoneAddress *identity = linphone_address_new(identity_str);
char *route = NULL;
char *domain = NULL;
if (creator->display_name) {
linphone_address_set_display_name(identity, creator->display_name);
/*deprecated, use default proxy config instead*/
if (creator->route) {
route = ms_strdup_printf("%s", creator->route);
/*deprecated, use default proxy config instead*/
if (creator->domain) {
domain = ms_strdup_printf("%s;transport=%s", creator->domain, linphone_transport_to_string(creator->transport));
linphone_proxy_config_set_identity_address(cfg, identity);
if (creator->phone_country_code) {
linphone_proxy_config_set_dial_prefix(cfg, creator->phone_country_code);
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