1. 13 Jan, 2021 2 commits
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  5. 04 Dec, 2020 1 commit
    • Andrea Gianarda's avatar
      Improve logging of events added to the mainDb · cc00e4e1
      Andrea Gianarda authored
      Add participant removed event to the main DB without updating the DB content
      Try to terminate event only if it not NULL in subscribe_loosing_dialog_2
      Fix test "Call accepted while callee is updating another one"
      Preempt sound resources only if media_resources_mode is set to unique. It fixes test "2 Video call accepted in send only" because the core receiving the calls is used in server mode
      Bring back LeaksMemory tag to test "Group chat room subscription denied". Leaks are caused by network up and down
      Destroy cores if calls are not received in push incoming call suite
  6. 02 Dec, 2020 1 commit
  7. 27 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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  11. 22 Nov, 2020 1 commit
    • Simon Morlat's avatar
      Modify ServerGroupChatRoom behavior about 1-1 chatroom, incrementing "groupchat" capability to 1.1 · 5016cc29
      Simon Morlat authored
      Previously, a 1-1 chatroom was deleted only if it were BYEd by every device. A device that BYEd previously was re-INVITED by the chatroom in case messages had to be delivered. In addition, a device that BYEd the chatroom was given back the same chatroom ID when trying to re-create a new chatroom to the same other participant.
      Doing all this required to store 1-1 chatroom in a specific table, so that they could be retrieved fastly.
      Unfortunately this design totally breaks a federated system, since each domain may be entitled to create a 1-1 chatroom to communicate with a participant from another domain. As a result, the unicity of the one to one chatroom is not achievable in a federation of SIP domains.
      Now, the ServerGroupChatRoom conforming to groupchat/1.1 treats 1-1 chatroom similarly as real group chat rooms, with only one exception: when a device leaves the chatroom, then the chatroom is terminated, ie ...
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  16. 23 Oct, 2020 1 commit
    • Julien Wadel's avatar
      - Add recv_fmtp save, mime load. - Write in config file when changing... · 9526e4c0
      Julien Wadel authored
      - Add recv_fmtp save, mime load. - Write in config file when changing recv_fmtp. - Add quality tester. - Fix error on runtime check ('cannot increment value-initialized list iterator'). - Allow to use filemane on hold_music, local_ring and remote_ring in order to use resource files without knowing path. - Add silence sound file
  17. 22 Oct, 2020 1 commit
    • Andrea Gianarda's avatar
      Fix crash of conference when creating it before the proxy config is available · 3d8d6431
      Andrea Gianarda authored
      Take into account conf-id when adding, searching and deleting conferences in the map
      Do not set conf_ctx to NULL when callign linphone_core_terminate_conference
      Test conference in server mode
      Verify that 2 conferences with local participant enabled cannot be created at the same time
      Do not update proxy config when creating a local conference
      Add LINPHONE_PUBLIC to linphone_conference_params_new
  18. 21 Oct, 2020 2 commits
  19. 15 Oct, 2020 1 commit
  20. 06 Oct, 2020 2 commits
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      Rework conference. · 4387c3ed
      Andrea Gianarda authored
      When participants are added to a local conference, a remote conference is created that allow the remote participants to receive notifications about newly added participants and other events if the event conference package is enabled
      Delete private classes of LocalConferenceEventHandler, RemoteConferenceEventHandler, Participant, ParticipantDevice, Conference, LocalConference, RemoteConference, RemoteConferenceEventHandler, LocalConferenceEventHandler
      Send 200OK to subscribes whose state is terminated and expires field is set to 0
      Create audio video conference tester whose task is to verify conference behaviour
  21. 30 Sep, 2020 1 commit
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  24. 26 Sep, 2020 1 commit
    • Julien Wadel's avatar
      Chat Room : Avoid to add a ref when there is no messages on search - Add PDB... · 29303a87
      Julien Wadel authored
       Chat Room : Avoid to add a ref when there is no messages on search - Add PDB of liblinphone_tester - Group Chat Message test : Fix memory corruption by moving unref message to a better place - Build group chat secure tester only if Lime X3DH is build - Add Assert to end test if some pointers are null (append when there is an issue with building encrypted room) - add tests on pointers - remove calls cache before destroying factory - ICE : switch stream after handling ice event as it can change it - Fix tests
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