Commit 2825ec6a authored by Erwan Croze's avatar Erwan Croze 👋🏻

Fix previous commit

parent f1f51721
......@@ -927,13 +927,11 @@ static void sound_config_read(LinphoneCore *lc)
static void certificates_config_read(LinphoneCore *lc)
const char *rootca;
struct stat sb;
rootca=lp_config_get_string(lc->config,"sip","root_ca", NULL);
const char *rootca = lp_config_get_string(lc->config,"sip","root_ca", NULL);
// If rootca is not existing anymore, we reset it to the default value
if (rootca == NULL || !bctbx_file_exist(rootca)) {
#ifdef __linux
struct stat sb;
if (stat("/etc/ssl/certs", &sb) == 0 && S_ISDIR(sb.st_mode)) {
rootca = "/etc/ssl/certs";
} else
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