Commit 285ee7ae authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

enforce sanity of call state changes.

parent a8078ca9
......@@ -1691,12 +1691,18 @@ void linphone_call_set_state(LinphoneCall *call, LinphoneCallState cstate, const
if (call->state!=cstate){
/*Make sanity checks with call state changes. Any bad transition can result in unpredictable results
*or irrecoverable errors in the application*/
if (call->state==LinphoneCallEnd || call->state==LinphoneCallError){
if (cstate!=LinphoneCallReleased){
ms_fatal("Spurious call state change from %s to %s, ignored." ,linphone_call_state_to_string(call->state)
ms_fatal("Abnormal call resurection from %s to %s, aborting." ,linphone_call_state_to_string(call->state)
}else if (cstate == LinphoneCallReleased && (call->prevstate != LinphoneCallError && call->prevstate != LinphoneCallEnd)){
ms_fatal("Attempt to move call [%p] to Released state while it was not previously in Error or End state. Aborting.", call);
ms_message("Call %p: moving from state %s to %s",call
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