Commit 304cd1d2 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

Fix crash in maindb tester, and relax wait time in group chat suites because...

Fix crash in maindb tester, and relax wait time in group chat suites because with --parallel mode there were sometimes exceeded.
parent dbf3a5a0
......@@ -1937,7 +1937,7 @@ static void group_chat_lime_x3dh_send_encrypted_message_to_disabled_lime_x3dh (v
_send_message(marieCr, marieMessage);
// Check that the message is discarded and that an undecipherable message error IMDN is returned to Marie
BC_ASSERT_FALSE(wait_for_list(coresList, &pauline->stat.number_of_LinphoneMessageReceived, initialPaulineStats.number_of_LinphoneMessageReceived + 1, 1000));
BC_ASSERT_FALSE(wait_for_list(coresList, &pauline->stat.number_of_LinphoneMessageReceived, initialPaulineStats.number_of_LinphoneMessageReceived + 1, 3000));
// Check the chatrooms security level
BC_ASSERT_EQUAL(linphone_chat_room_get_security_level(marieCr), LinphoneChatRoomSecurityLevelEncrypted, int, "%d");
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -39,9 +39,12 @@ class MainDbProvider {
MainDbProvider () {
mCoreManager = linphone_core_manager_create("marie_rc");
char *dbPath = bc_tester_res("db/linphone.db");
linphone_config_set_string(linphone_core_get_config(mCoreManager->lc), "storage", "uri", dbPath);
char *roDbPath = bc_tester_res("db/linphone.db");
char *rwDbPath = bc_tester_file("linphone.db");
BC_ASSERT_FALSE(liblinphone_tester_copy_file(roDbPath, rwDbPath));
linphone_config_set_string(linphone_core_get_config(mCoreManager->lc), "storage", "uri", rwDbPath);
linphone_core_manager_start(mCoreManager, false);
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