offeranswer_tester.c: rename test to non-already-used name

parent 68e47090
......@@ -534,7 +534,7 @@ static test_t offeranswer_tests[] = {
TEST_NO_TAG("SAVPF/DTLS to SAVPF/DTLS encryption mandatory video call", savpf_dtls_to_savpf_dtls_encryption_mandatory_video_call),
TEST_NO_TAG("SAVPF/DTLS to SAVPF video call", savpf_dtls_to_savpf_video_call),
TEST_NO_TAG("SAVPF/DTLS to SAVPF encryption mandatory video call", savpf_dtls_to_savpf_encryption_mandatory_video_call),
TEST_NO_TAG("SAVPF/DTLS to AVPF call", savpf_dtls_to_avpf_video_call),
TEST_NO_TAG("SAVPF/DTLS to AVPF video call", savpf_dtls_to_avpf_video_call),
TEST_NO_TAG("Compatible AVPF features", compatible_avpf_features),
TEST_NO_TAG("Incompatible AVPF features", incompatible_avpf_features)
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