Commit 44db4822 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

Add troubleshooting in video call test suite.

parent 24cd60cf
......@@ -925,6 +925,9 @@ static void _call_with_ice_video(LinphoneVideoPolicy caller_policy, LinphoneVide
check_nb_media_starts(pauline, marie, nb_media_starts, nb_media_starts);
if (caller_policy.automatically_initiate && callee_policy.automatically_accept && (video_added_by_caller || video_added_by_callee)){
BC_FAIL("Tired developer detected. You have requested the test to add video while it is already established from the beginning of the call.");
if (video_added_by_caller) {
BC_ASSERT_TRUE(add_video(marie, pauline, FALSE));
} else if (video_added_by_callee) {
......@@ -940,6 +943,7 @@ static void _call_with_ice_video(LinphoneVideoPolicy caller_policy, LinphoneVide
if (video_removed_by_caller) {
BC_ASSERT_TRUE(remove_video(marie, pauline));
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