Commit 53c3b299 authored by Nicolas Michon's avatar Nicolas Michon

Fix rebase errors

parent 158abcf1
......@@ -291,8 +291,8 @@ void AndroidPlatformHelpers::onWifiOnlyEnabled(bool enabled) {
void AndroidPlatformHelpers::setHttpProxy(const string &host, int port) {
linphone_core_set_http_proxy_host(getCore().getCCore(), host.c_str());
linphone_core_set_http_proxy_port(getCore().getCCore(), port);
linphone_core_set_http_proxy_host(getCore()->getCCore(), host.c_str());
linphone_core_set_http_proxy_port(getCore()->getCCore(), port);
void AndroidPlatformHelpers::setDnsServers () {
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