Commit 5679b02d authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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add missing declarations in linphonecore.h

parent 1dcbb7a5
......@@ -352,6 +352,9 @@ void linphone_proxy_config_enable_register(LinphoneProxyConfig *obj, bool_t val)
void linphone_proxy_config_edit(LinphoneProxyConfig *obj);
int linphone_proxy_config_done(LinphoneProxyConfig *obj);
void linphone_proxy_config_enable_publish(LinphoneProxyConfig *obj, bool_t val);
void linphone_proxy_config_set_dial_escape_plus(LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg, bool_t val);
void linphone_proxy_config_set_dial_prefix(LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg, const char *prefix);
bool_t linphone_proxy_config_is_registered(const LinphoneProxyConfig *obj);
const char *linphone_proxy_config_get_domain(const LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg);
/** Returns the proxy configured identity as a const char * */
......@@ -366,6 +369,9 @@ const char *linphone_proxy_config_get_domain(const LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg);
/** Returns TRUE if registration is enabled, FALSE otherwise */
#define linphone_proxy_config_register_enabled(obj) ((obj)->reg_sendregister)
#define linphone_proxy_config_get_core(obj) ((obj)->lc)
bool_t linphone_proxy_config_get_dial_escape_plus(const LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg);
const char * linphone_proxy_config_get_dial_prefix(const LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg);
/* destruction is called automatically when removing the proxy config */
void linphone_proxy_config_destroy(LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg);
void linphone_proxy_config_set_sip_setup(LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg, const char *type);
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