Commit 6cc4570e authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY

Really fix has_video in call params.

parent d39ba6f3
......@@ -1440,7 +1440,7 @@ void linphone_call_fix_call_parameters(LinphoneCall *call, SalMediaDescription *
if (rcp->has_video && call->core->video_policy.automatically_accept && linphone_core_video_enabled(call->core) && !call->params->has_video){
ms_message("Call [%p]: re-enabling video in our call params because the remote wants it and the policy allows to automatically accept.", call);
call->params->has_video = TRUE;
linphone_call_params_enable_video(call->params, TRUE);
if (rcp->realtimetext_enabled && !call->params->realtimetext_enabled) {
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