Commit 8c8e5f84 authored by jehan's avatar jehan

Fix a crash when core is destroyed while a cardav request is still pending

parent 73c5ca8b
......@@ -635,7 +635,7 @@ LinphoneFriendListStatus linphone_friend_list_import_friend(LinphoneFriendList *
static void carddav_done(LinphoneCardDavContext *cdc, bool_t success, const char *msg) {
if (cdc && cdc->friend_list->cbs->sync_state_changed_cb) {
if (cdc && cdc->friend_list->cbs && cdc->friend_list->cbs->sync_state_changed_cb) {
cdc->friend_list->cbs->sync_state_changed_cb(cdc->friend_list, success ? LinphoneFriendListSyncSuccessful : LinphoneFriendListSyncFailure, msg);
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