Commit 90933e5e authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez

Add an implementation to LinphonePlayer

parent c9a487aa
......@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ liblinphone_la_SOURCES=\
call_log.c \
call_params.c \
player.c \
fileplayer.c \
#include "private.h"
#include <mediastreamer2/fileplayer.h>
#include <mediastreamer2/mssndcard.h>
static int file_player_open(LinphonePlayer *obj, const char *filename);
static int file_player_start(LinphonePlayer *obj);
static int file_player_pause(LinphonePlayer *obj);
static int file_player_seek(LinphonePlayer *obj, int time_ms);
static MSPlayerState file_player_get_state(LinphonePlayer *obj);
static void file_player_close(LinphonePlayer *obj);
static void file_player_eof_callback(void *user_data);
LinphonePlayer *linphone_core_create_file_player(LinphoneCore *lc, MSSndCard *snd_card, const char *video_out) {
LinphonePlayer *obj = ms_new0(LinphonePlayer, 1);
if(snd_card == NULL) snd_card = lc->sound_conf.play_sndcard;
if(video_out == NULL) video_out = linphone_core_get_video_display_filter(lc);
obj->impl = ms_file_player_new(snd_card, video_out);
obj->open = file_player_open;
obj->start = file_player_start;
obj->pause = file_player_pause;
obj->seek = file_player_seek;
obj->get_state = file_player_get_state;
obj->close = file_player_close;
ms_file_player_set_eof_callback((MSFilePlayer *)obj->impl, file_player_eof_callback, obj);
return obj;
void file_player_destroy(LinphonePlayer *obj) {
ms_file_player_free((MSFilePlayer *)obj->impl);
static int file_player_open(LinphonePlayer *obj, const char *filename) {
return ms_file_player_open((MSFilePlayer *)obj->impl, filename) ? 0 : -1;
static int file_player_start(LinphonePlayer *obj) {
return ms_file_player_start((MSFilePlayer *)obj->impl) ? 0 : -1;
static int file_player_pause(LinphonePlayer *obj) {
ms_file_player_pause((MSFilePlayer *)obj->impl);
return 0;
static int file_player_seek(LinphonePlayer *obj, int time_ms) {
return ms_file_player_seek((MSFilePlayer *)obj->impl, time_ms) ? 0 : -1;
static MSPlayerState file_player_get_state(LinphonePlayer *obj) {
return ms_file_player_get_state((MSFilePlayer *)obj->impl);
static void file_player_close(LinphonePlayer *obj) {
ms_file_player_close((MSFilePlayer *)obj->impl);
static void file_player_eof_callback(void *user_data) {
LinphonePlayer *obj = (LinphonePlayer *)user_data;
obj->cb(obj, obj->user_data);
......@@ -594,6 +594,22 @@ int linphone_player_seek(LinphonePlayer *obj, int time_ms);
MSPlayerState linphone_player_get_state(LinphonePlayer *obj);
void linphone_player_close(LinphonePlayer *obj);
* @brief Create an independent media file player.
* This player support WAVE and MATROSKA formats.
* @param lc A LinphoneCore
* @param snd_card Playback sound card. If NULL, the sound card set in LinphoneCore will be used
* @param video_out Video display. If NULL, the video display set in LinphoneCore will be used
* @return A pointer on the new instance. NULL if faild.
LINPHONE_PUBLIC LinphonePlayer *linphone_core_create_file_player(LinphoneCore *lc, MSSndCard *snd_card, const char *video_out);
* @brief Destroy a file player
* @param obj File player to destroy
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void file_player_destroy(LinphonePlayer *obj);
* LinphoneCallState enum represents the different state a call can reach into.
* The application is notified of state changes through the LinphoneCoreVTable::call_state_changed callback.
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