Commit 97600a4b authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

Adapt some unstable tests.

parent 2c3f66ef
......@@ -437,7 +437,7 @@ static void only_enable_payload(LinphoneCore *lc, const char *mime, int rate, in
* set some conservative jitter buffer params to be more robust to late ticks.
* This is important so that the audio comparison is succesful*/
static void set_jitter_buffer_params(LinphoneCore *lc){
int jitter_buffer_ms = 200;
int jitter_buffer_ms = 300;
lp_config_set_int(lc->config, "rtp", "jitter_buffer_min_size", jitter_buffer_ms);
linphone_core_set_audio_jittcomp(lc, jitter_buffer_ms);
......@@ -417,7 +417,7 @@ static void quality_reporting_interval_report_video_and_rtt(void) {
end_call(marie, pauline);
/*wait that all publish complete*/
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