Commit 9b9cca2a authored by DanmeiChen's avatar DanmeiChen

fix lost of dummy sound card after reload sound card list

parent b3f24d2d
......@@ -4612,6 +4612,11 @@ void linphone_core_reload_sound_devices(LinphoneCore *lc){
capture_copy = ms_strdup(capture);
int tmp=lp_config_get_int(lc->config, "sound", "enable_dummy_audio", 0);
if (!!tmp) {
ms_snd_card_manager_add_card(ms_factory_get_snd_card_manager(lc->factory), ms_dummy_audio_snd_card_new());
if (ringer_copy != NULL) {
linphone_core_set_ringer_device(lc, ringer_copy);
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