Commit a186e167 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY

Add exports.

parent 9c66aeb8
......@@ -936,7 +936,7 @@ LINPHONE_PUBLIC LinphoneCore *linphone_core_new(const LinphoneCoreVTable *vtable
* callbacks) using linphone_core_get_user_data().
* @see linphone_core_new
LinphoneCore *linphone_core_new_with_config(const LinphoneCoreVTable *vtable, struct _LpConfig *config, void *userdata);
LINPHONE_PUBLIC LinphoneCore *linphone_core_new_with_config(const LinphoneCoreVTable *vtable, struct _LpConfig *config, void *userdata);
/* function to be periodically called in a main loop */
/* For ICE to work properly it should be called every 20ms */
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ extern "C" {
* @param filename the filename of the config file to read to fill the instantiated LpConfig
* @see lp_config_new_with_factory
LpConfig * lp_config_new(const char *filename);
LINPHONE_PUBLIC LpConfig * lp_config_new(const char *filename);
* Instantiates a LpConfig object from a user config file and a factory config file.
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ LpConfig * lp_config_new(const char *filename);
* Therefore the configuration parameters defined in the user config file will be overwritten by the parameters
* defined in the factory config file.
LpConfig * lp_config_new_with_factory(const char *config_filename, const char *factory_config_filename);
LINPHONE_PUBLIC LpConfig * lp_config_new_with_factory(const char *config_filename, const char *factory_config_filename);
int lp_config_read_file(LpConfig *lpconfig, const char *filename);
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