Commit aabdd8fc authored by Matthieu Tanon's avatar Matthieu Tanon

Fix redundant CREATE VIEW request

parent 923a54d4
......@@ -1150,13 +1150,7 @@ void MainDbPrivate::updateSchema () {
if (version < makeVersion(1, 0, 6)) {
*session << "DROP VIEW IF EXISTS conference_event_view";
string query;
if (q->getBackend() == AbstractDb::Backend::Mysql)
query = "CREATE VIEW conference_event_view AS";
query = "CREATE VIEW conference_event_view AS";
*session << query +
*session << "CREATE VIEW conference_event_view AS"
" SELECT id, type, creation_time, chat_room_id, from_sip_address_id, to_sip_address_id, time, imdn_message_id, state, direction, is_secured, notify_id, device_sip_address_id, participant_sip_address_id, subject, delivery_notification_required, display_notification_required, security_alert, faulty_device"
" FROM event"
" LEFT JOIN conference_event ON conference_event.event_id ="
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