Commit b3edee9b authored by aymeric's avatar aymeric

update ICE to format of latest draft-19

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......@@ -33,27 +33,33 @@ Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
#define INVALID 5
struct SdpCandidate {
int seq_num;
char candidate_id[256];
char password[256];
char fqdn[256];
char ipaddr[256];
int port;
int mapped_port;
int peer_derived; /* 0: local 1: stun 2: turn */
float priority;
/* mandatory attributes: draft 19 */
int foundation;
int component_id;
char transport[20];
int priority;
char conn_addr[64];
int conn_port;
char cand_type[20];
char rel_addr[64];
int rel_port;
/* optionnal attributes: draft 19 */
char extension_attr[512]; /* *(SP extension-att-name SP extension-att-value) */
struct CandidatePair {
struct SdpCandidate local_candidate;
struct SdpCandidate remote_candidate;
int max_sn;
int min_sn;
char max_candidate_id[256];
long long pair_priority;
/* additionnal information */
char loc_ice_ufrag[256];
char loc_ice_pwd[256];
char rem_ice_ufrag[256];
char rem_ice_pwd[256];
int rem_controlling;
UInt64 rem_controlvalue;
UInt96 tid;
int connectivity_check;
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