Commit b7141e03 authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan

fix(RemoteConferenceListEventHandler): avoid crash conference factory uri is not set

parent 96921a70
......@@ -101,7 +101,10 @@ void RemoteConferenceListEventHandler::subscribe () {
if (!cfg || (linphone_proxy_config_get_state(cfg) != LinphoneRegistrationOk))
LinphoneAddress *rlsAddr = linphone_address_new(linphone_proxy_config_get_conference_factory_uri(cfg));
const char *factoryUri = linphone_proxy_config_get_conference_factory_uri(cfg);
if (!factoryUri)
LinphoneAddress *rlsAddr = linphone_address_new(factoryUri);
lev = linphone_core_create_subscribe(lc, rlsAddr, "conference", 600);
char *from = linphone_address_as_string(linphone_proxy_config_get_contact(linphone_core_get_default_proxy_config(getCore()->getCCore())));
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