Commit c8f71b7b authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

Fix ice bug.

parent 6f2cfe7b
......@@ -558,9 +558,8 @@ void IceAgent::createIceCheckListsAndParseIceAttributes (const SalMediaDescripti
if (remoteCandidate->addr[0] == '\0') break;
getIceDefaultAddrAndPort(static_cast<uint16_t>(componentID), md, stream, &addr, &port);
// If we receive a re-invite and we finished ICE processing on our side, use the candidates given by the remote.
if (j == 0)
// If we receive a re-invite with remote-candidates, supply these pairs to the ice check list.
// They might be valid pairs already selected, or losing pairs.
int remoteFamily = AF_INET;
if (strchr(remoteCandidate->addr, ':'))
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