Commit daf65cd4 authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩

Use thread_local variable for LoggingService's current callback to prevent...

Use thread_local variable for LoggingService's current callback to prevent null return when two logs are printed from two different threads
parent 752cc402
......@@ -34,7 +34,6 @@ struct _LinphoneLoggingService {
belle_sip_object_t base;
LinphoneLoggingServiceCbs *cbs; // Deprecated, use a list of Cbs instead
bctbx_list_t *callbacks;
LinphoneLoggingServiceCbs *currentCbs;
bctbx_log_handler_t *log_handler;
......@@ -52,7 +51,10 @@ BELLE_SIP_DECLARE_VPTR_NO_EXPORT(LinphoneLoggingServiceCbs);
static LinphoneLoggingServiceCbs *_linphone_logging_service_cbs_new(void);
// Use a thread local variable so if two different threads are printing a log at the same time, it won't be a race condition on the currentCbs
// causing it to be set to null by one thread while the second one is in the log callback and that will either cause a crash on the worst case scenario
// or cause the log to be lost on the best case scenario.
thread_local LinphoneLoggingServiceCbs* currentCbs = NULL;
......@@ -205,11 +207,11 @@ void linphone_logging_service_remove_callbacks(LinphoneLoggingService *log_servi
LinphoneLoggingServiceCbs *linphone_logging_service_get_current_callbacks(const LinphoneLoggingService *log_service) {
return log_service->currentCbs;
return currentCbs;
void linphone_logging_service_set_current_callbacks(LinphoneLoggingService *log_service, LinphoneLoggingServiceCbs *cbs) {
log_service->currentCbs = cbs;
currentCbs = cbs;
const bctbx_list_t *linphone_logging_service_get_callbacks_list(const LinphoneLoggingService *log_service) {
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