Commit ef9a19de authored by jehan's avatar jehan

small fix to avoid cfg->long_term_event double unref

parent 82f22755
...@@ -417,9 +417,12 @@ void linphone_proxy_config_stop_refreshing(LinphoneProxyConfig * cfg){ ...@@ -417,9 +417,12 @@ void linphone_proxy_config_stop_refreshing(LinphoneProxyConfig * cfg){
} }
if (cfg->long_term_event){ /*might probably do better*/ if (cfg->long_term_event){ /*might probably do better*/
linphone_event_terminate(cfg->long_term_event); linphone_event_terminate(cfg->long_term_event);
linphone_event_unref(cfg->long_term_event); if (cfg->long_term_event) {
linphone_event_unref(cfg->long_term_event); /*probably useless as cfg->long_term_event is already unref in linphone_proxy_config_notify_publish_state_changed. To be check with Ghislain*/
cfg->long_term_event=NULL; cfg->long_term_event=NULL;
} }
if (cfg->op){ if (cfg->op){
sal_op_release(cfg->op); sal_op_release(cfg->op);
cfg->op=NULL; cfg->op=NULL;
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