Commit ffb978db authored by jehan's avatar jehan

add proxy support to buddy_status tutorial

parent a699e2a0
......@@ -66,19 +66,36 @@ static void new_subscription_request (LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneFriend *friend,
linphone_core_add_friend(lc,friend); /* add this new friend to the buddy list*/
* Registration state notification callback
static void registration_state_changed(struct _LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg, LinphoneRegistrationState cstate, const char *message){
printf("New registration state %s for user id [%s] at proxy [%s]\n"
LinphoneCore *lc;
int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
LinphoneCoreVTable vtable={0};
char* dest_friend=NULL;
char* identity=NULL;
char* password=NULL;
/* takes sip uri identity from the command line arguments */
if (argc>1){
/* takes sip uri identity from the command line arguments */
if (argc>2){
/* takes password from the command line arguments */
if (argc>3){
//#define DEBUG
#ifdef DEBUG
......@@ -91,11 +108,47 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
vtable.registration_state_changed=registration_state_changed; /*just in case sip proxy is used*/
Instantiate a LinphoneCore object given the LinphoneCoreVTable
/*sip proxy might be requested*/
if (identity != NULL) {
/*create proxy config*/
LinphoneProxyConfig* proxy_cfg = linphone_proxy_config_new();
/*parse identity*/
LinphoneAddress *from = linphone_address_new(identity);
if (from==NULL){
printf("%s not a valid sip uri, must be like \n",identity);
goto end;
LinphoneAuthInfo *info;
if (password!=NULL){
info=linphone_auth_info_new(linphone_address_get_username(from),NULL,password,NULL,NULL); /*create authentication structure from identity*/
linphone_core_add_auth_info(lc,info); /*add authentication info to LinphoneCore*/
// configure proxy entries
linphone_proxy_config_set_identity(proxy_cfg,identity); /*set identity with user name and domain*/
linphone_proxy_config_set_server_addr(proxy_cfg,linphone_address_get_domain(from)); /* we assume domain = proxy server address*/
linphone_proxy_config_enable_register(proxy_cfg,TRUE); /*activate registration for this proxy config*/
linphone_proxy_config_enable_publish(proxy_cfg,TRUE); /* enable presence satus publication for this proxy*/
linphone_address_destroy(from); /*release resource*/
linphone_core_add_proxy_config(lc,proxy_cfg); /*add proxy config to linphone core*/
linphone_core_set_default_proxy(lc,proxy_cfg); /*set to default proxy*/
/* Loop until registration status is available */
do {
linphone_core_iterate(lc); /* first iterate initiates registration */
while( running && linphone_proxy_config_get_state(proxy_cfg) == LinphoneRegistrationProgress);
LinphoneFriend* my_friend=NULL;
if (dest_friend) {
......@@ -40,7 +40,9 @@ import org.linphone.core.LinphoneFriend.SubscribePolicy;
* from a sip uri identity passed from the command line.
* <br>Argument must be like .
* ex budy_list
* <br>Subscription is cleared on SIGINT
* <br>
* Optionnally argument 2 can be registration sip identy.Argument 3 can be passord.
* ex: budy_list mypassword
* Ported from buddy_status.c
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