Commit 03924c16 authored by Johan Pascal's avatar Johan Pascal

Add check on Ik size before fetching it

parent 075c8d48
......@@ -833,6 +833,10 @@ long int Lime<Curve>::store_peerDevice(const std::string &peerDeviceId, const ED
m_localStorage->sql<<"SELECT Ik,Did FROM lime_PeerDevices WHERE DeviceId = :DeviceId LIMIT 1;", into(Ik_blob), into(Did), use(peerDeviceId);
if (m_localStorage->sql.got_data()) { // Found one
ED<Curve> stored_Ik;
if (Ik_blob.get_len() != stored_Ik.size()) { // can't match they are not the same size
BCTBX_SLOGE<<"It appears that peer device "<<peerDeviceId<<" was known with an identity key but is trying to use another one now";
throw BCTBX_EXCEPTION << "Peer device "<<peerDeviceId<<" changed its Ik";
}, (char *)(, stored_Ik.size()); // Read it to compare it to the given one
if (stored_Ik == Ik) { // they match, so we just return the Did
return Did;
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