Commit 087421dd authored by johan's avatar johan

messageDecrypt doesn't throw an exception if decryption fails

+ add tests for reaching over the maxSkipMessage limit
parent c5c7df87
......@@ -391,7 +391,7 @@ namespace lime {
// in the derivation limit we remove the derivation done in the previous DH rachet key chain
skipMessageKeys(header.Ns(), maxAllowedDerivation); // maxAllowedDerivation cannot actually be negative or an exception is raised in previous call to skipMessageKeys
skipMessageKeys(header.Ns(), maxAllowedDerivation);
// generate key material for decryption(and derive Chain key)
KDF_CK(m_CKr, MK);
......@@ -473,7 +473,15 @@ namespace lime {
std::array<uint8_t,lime::settings::DRMessageKeySize+lime::settings::DRMessageIVSize> randomKey; /* use the same size than the one used internally by Double Ratchet */
for (auto& DRSession : DRSessions) {
if(DRSession->ratchetDecrypt(cipherHeader, AD, randomKey) == true) { // we got the random key correctly deciphered
bool decryptStatus = false;
try {
decryptStatus = DRSession->ratchetDecrypt(cipherHeader, AD, randomKey);
} catch (BctbxException &e) { // any bctbx Exception is just considered as decryption failed (it shall occurs only in case of maximum skipped keys reached)
bctbx_warning("Double Ratchet session failed to decrypt message and raised an exception saying : %s", e.what());
decryptStatus = false; // lets keep trying with other sessions if provided
if (decryptStatus == true) { // we got the random key correctly deciphered
// recompute the AD used for this encryption: source Device Id || recipient User Id
std::vector<uint8_t> localAD{sourceDeviceId.begin(), sourceDeviceId.end()};
localAD.insert(localAD.end(), recipientUserId.begin(), recipientUserId.end());
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