Commit 547a58b1 authored by Erwan Croze's avatar Erwan Croze 👋🏻

Add std:: on each string in lime_localStorage.cpp to avoid problems

parent 46177e33
......@@ -276,7 +276,7 @@ void Db::get_allLocalDevices(std::vector<std::string> &deviceIds) {
rowset<row> rs = (sql.prepare << "SELECT UserId FROM lime_LocalUsers;");
for (const auto &r : rs) {
......@@ -840,8 +840,7 @@ void Lime<Curve>::cache_DR_sessions(std::vector<RecipientInfos<Curve>> &internal
// shall not be a real problem as recipient list won't get massive(and if they do, this part we not be the blocking one)
// by default at construction the RecipientInfos object have a peerStatus set to unknown so it will be kept to it for all devices not found in the localStorage
for (const auto &r : rs_devices) {
// get the deviceId and verified fields
auto deviceId = r.get<string>(0);
auto deviceId = r.get<std::string>(0);
auto verified = r.get<int>(1);
for (auto &recipient : internal_recipients) { //look for it in the list
if (recipient.deviceId == deviceId) {
......@@ -866,7 +865,7 @@ void Lime<Curve>::cache_DR_sessions(std::vector<RecipientInfos<Curve>> &internal
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::shared_ptr<DR<Curve>>> requestedDevices; // found session will be loaded and temp stored in this
for (const auto &r : rs) {
auto sessionId = r.get<int>(0);
auto peerDeviceId = r.get<string>(1);
auto peerDeviceId = r.get<std::string>(1);
auto DRsession = std::make_shared<DR<Curve>>(m_localStorage.get(), sessionId, m_RNG); // load session from local storage
requestedDevices[peerDeviceId] = DRsession; // store found session in a our temp container
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