Commit e589b878 authored by Matthieu Tanon's avatar Matthieu Tanon

Fix LIMIT in UPDATE error

parent 35feffb2
......@@ -298,14 +298,15 @@ void Db::get_allLocalDevices(std::vector<std::string> &deviceIds) {
void Db::set_PeerDevicesVerifiedStatus(const std::string &peerDeviceId, const std::vector<uint8_t> &Ik, bool status) {
// Do we have this peerDevice in lime_PeerDevices
blob Ik_blob(sql);
sql<<"SELECT Ik FROM Lime_PeerDevices WHERE DeviceId = :peerDeviceId LIMIT 1;", into(Ik_blob), use(peerDeviceId);
long long id;
sql<<"SELECT Did, Ik FROM Lime_PeerDevices WHERE DeviceId = :peerDeviceId;", into(id), into(Ik_blob), use(peerDeviceId);
if (sql.got_data()) { // Found it
auto IkSize = Ik_blob.get_len();
std::vector<uint8_t> storedIk;
storedIk.resize(IkSize);, (char *)(, IkSize); // Read the public key
if (storedIk == Ik) {
sql<<"UPDATE Lime_PeerDevices SET Verified = :Verified WHERE DeviceId = :peerDeviceId LIMIT 1;", use((status==true)?1:0), use(peerDeviceId);
sql<<"UPDATE Lime_PeerDevices SET Verified = :Verified WHERE Did = :id;", use((status==true)?1:0), use(id);
} else { // Ik in local Storage differs than the one given... raise an exception
throw BCTBX_EXCEPTION << "Trying to insert an Identity key for peer device "<<peerDeviceId<<" which differs from one already in local storage";
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