Commit fefb87c6 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

align submodules to 4.0.1 release

parent f66bb768
belle-sip @ 0ccbe50e
Subproject commit d7b16228a2746644a5dea76be9fff45708773130
Subproject commit 0ccbe50e33dd96baa07c20fa36b066b7580e5a90
linphone @ 61e38e37
Subproject commit 64cb3ebcf69a0d0dfea196cfa14b3627c9112d9b
Subproject commit 61e38e3704e1a37c9e884897ca5597158725b202
mediastreamer2 @ 54a79f73
Subproject commit 601a833ea05f2b3264101d41ed16962d58e7c255
Subproject commit 54a79f731fea61d345dfff4f8fcb2fc390c2fed7
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