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Add instructions about OpenH264 in the readme

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......@@ -11,10 +11,24 @@ distributions, in MacPorts for Mac OS X ( and/or from
- to install git (available in the package systems of Linux distributions, in
MacPorts for Mac OS X ( and/or from
- you also need 7-zip to generate SDK packages (
The following targets are supported:
- Linphone for desktop platforms
- Linphone for BlackBerry10 - see README.bb10
- Liblinphone Python extension module - see README.python
- Flexisip and dependencies - see
## OpenH264 support
OpenH264 support is enabled in all generated installers and SDK archive.
However, the OpenH264 runtime library must be downloaded directly from
Cisco's websit to be complient with H264 patents. In the case of linphone GTK+,
it is automatically done by the Windows and MacOS installers. In the case of
SDKs of linphone and mediastreamer, you must manualy download the OpenH264 archive
and extract it in the "bin" directory of the SDK distribution and rename the DLL
file into "openh264.dll".
The pattent free OpenH264 runtime library archive is available here:
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