Commit 719059e3 authored by Guillaume BIENKOWSKI's avatar Guillaume BIENKOWSKI
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Don't mess up with sysconfdir for flexisip, otherwise the service won't be able to start correctly

parent e1540885
......@@ -143,15 +143,18 @@ set(LINPHONE_BUILDER_RPMBUILD_PACKAGE_PREFIX "bc-")
# prepare the RPMBUILD options that we need to pass
set(RPMBUILD_OPTIONS "--define '_mandir %{_prefix}' --define '_sysconfdir %{_prefix}/etc'")
set(RPMBUILD_OPTIONS "--define '_mandir %{_prefix}'")
# dependencies cannot be checked by rpmbuild in debian
# dist is not defined in debian for rpmbuild..
set(RPMBUILD_OPTIONS "${RPMBUILD_OPTIONS} --define 'dist deb'")
# debian has multi-arch lib dir instead of lib and lib64
set(RPMBUILD_OPTIONS "${RPMBUILD_OPTIONS} --define '_libdir %{_prefix}/${CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR}'")
# some debians are using dash as shell, which doesn't support "export -n", so we override and use bash
set(RPMBUILD_OPTIONS "${RPMBUILD_OPTIONS} --define '_buildshell /bin/bash'")
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