matroska2.cmake: use libmatroska-c name, official one

parent dc66b1d5
......@@ -23,4 +23,4 @@
set(EP_matroska2_GIT_REPOSITORY "git://" CACHE STRING "matroska2 repository URL")
set(EP_matroska2_GIT_TAG_LATEST "bc" CACHE STRING "matroska2 tag to use when compiling latest version")
set(EP_matroska2_GIT_TAG "b5254a96518b962a9738aa6c6f7dc28b5f312793" CACHE STRING "matroska2 tag to use")
set(EP_matroska2_EXTERNAL_SOURCE_PATHS "matroska")
set(EP_matroska2_EXTERNAL_SOURCE_PATHS "externals/libmatroska-c")
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