Commit 2d4e1d9f authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan
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Merge remote-tracking branch 'public/master' into dev_linphone_qt

parents e5aed1d0 fc5ab26a
bctoolbox @ 0e43266e
Subproject commit 7254fe94e7155f0164fca177f8bf54ab82b76e84
Subproject commit 0e43266edc3360de55113c540444fb3fcbc44cf3
cmake-builder @ dc2aa9b8
Subproject commit c767e7c434f8ab21bae86de1e828b3ed492af138
Subproject commit dc2aa9b8045286bce1571e3ebc3528e578daa708
linphone @ d8a8849f
Subproject commit 758d516a39ce3ee484e185a6e1a2653659f6fd81
Subproject commit d8a8849ff0840debef2f96f5e203f478324c57c7
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