Commit 6a051cb2 authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez
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Fix build with GCC >= 7.0

parent 4cd7f5af
bctoolbox @ e401c0a9
Subproject commit e534a2e9b1f2bc7009a2816c8845aa7c07812d73
Subproject commit e401c0a91f81ff2a22b713151617ba4e7994c855
belle-sip @ 5ea99706
Subproject commit 8abfd2f68e93f69dd48a8840a654204ffe996f30
Subproject commit 5ea997060204d7eb680d94c8f258ca5bfdce1d65
linphone @ 329821b5
Subproject commit e9980c6ca74e0619215fa78f83543cb6f209f4d5
Subproject commit 329821b54904e6ab5c912107deea543f91e7903d
mediastreamer2 @ d658d212
Subproject commit 52802f31736f8d17b494f744606631d24029ca11
Subproject commit d658d212815b094e27f8d3513043c00c6e262999
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