Commit 749e0051 authored by jehan's avatar jehan
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update linphone, ms2 and bzrtp

parent 7a8657be
bzrtp @ b5b5e00d
Subproject commit b709b862632f5f0bd7dfaa05216e60273231de14
Subproject commit b5b5e00d49e000a84e69c473eb9cea7fdf5cab35
linphone @ b1ec18f9
Subproject commit 10090bd63c63406aabed6ec86fefa135ba465188
Subproject commit b1ec18f963eca39cd8f4f8cac379b3c9598297e4
mediastreamer2 @ 87336804
Subproject commit bc087e2afedb0a62e314c6455c3dd465fb79cd86
Subproject commit 873368043760c13958404ee40e7be4fd1cce056a
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