Commit d85a1bfd authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩
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Updated bctoolbox & belcard

parent ebd8de84
bctoolbox @ a44a86a8
Subproject commit 0479111c4b0fb75518a597adb5ae069fd3149169
Subproject commit a44a86a83cc3271ff65d146534cd6e49c76fd38e
belcard @ 53d9cc23
Subproject commit 44aae58b7348f873f1d0cbe6e33f84abe262ebce
Subproject commit 53d9cc23688745e8f45ce4df3c5354a95129df43
libilbc-rfc3951 @ 91b61e39
Subproject commit 91b61e39fb9c5d3dc78691f3d6e4f1d65c8b0d2a
msilbc @ d8114cbc
Subproject commit d8114cbce20391b1222861a9276255589c4e0bb6
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