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    Bugfixes : MacOs crash, Video request not working, fonts · eba23365
    Julien Wadel authored
    * Activate mipmap on MacOs to avoid Qt crashes
    * Use 5.14.2 for Windows
    * Request Qt 5.12 as a minimal version and cmake 3.9 (in order to embed big resources)
    * Remove build on Debian8 as it has Qt 5.10
    * Add default fonts for supported languages
    * Use a build parameter to set `dpiawareness` (Windows)
    * Add OTF support, in addition of TTF
    * Explicit the answer to video request : Fix on not showing video when accepting a second request
    * Use UTF8 when chatting and notifications to show all languages/symbols
    * Fix SIP display on call view
    * Fix a typo on a variable in call view (might lead to get transparent view)
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