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    - Download configuration file if it is a webfile · 2629e246
    Julien Wadel authored
    - Download the configuration file directly to the config path and overwrite old file
    - Add an interface to config directory path
    - Prevent a crash from the deletion of the Handler where we are still using it
    - Add synchronous mechanism to download file and Instance Manager deletion
    - Add Command parser features : clean specific keys, parse from list of arguments
    - Reorder config search to avoid unwanted config file overwrite
    - Move CLI execution at the end of initialization
    - Based openAppAfterInit on Manager and not on Handler
    - Add Call feature to Command line (--call=<SipAddress>)
    - Launch a call on request
    - Add generic parameters on show and call method to CLI
    - Replace connectOnce function that didn't fully work by a connection on context where it is manage by Qt
    - Remove redundant parser initializations
    - Update SDK to fix configuration updates and FEC