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#### Mac OS X Troubleshooting
To install the required dependencies on Mac OS X, you can use [Homebrew](
Before you install packages with Brew, you may have to change directories permissions (if you can't change permissions with sudo on a MacOS >= High Sierra, get a look at [this StackOverflow answer](
1. If you have pip related dependancies, verify to begin with that you already have pip. You can get it for python 2.7 [there](
2. Then, you can install a pip package with the following command
pip install [package]
For instance, if you don't have pystache and the dot package (contained in graphviz), enter the following commands
pip install pystache
pip install graphviz
3. Finish the pre-build by cleaning the obsolete files and then run and make again
./ -c
### Specific instructions for the Windows platform
1. Ensure that you have downloaded the `Qt msvc2015 version` (32-bit). (64-bit version is not supported at this moment by Linphone Desktop.) `MinGW` must be installed too.
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